28 september 2023 - neDwork: Emulation of Nature with Direct Composites - Javier Tapia

Emulation of Nature with Direct Composites - Javier Tapia

The Marbella Experience

LEARN during the day and PLAY after...

  • For this training, we have an exceptional place for the perfect teaching and relaxing setting.

    This lovely Spanish villa has a touch of Missoni and it was built in an stunning location surrounded by nature and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea with a 180-degree sea view, stretching from Gibraltar on the right to the port of Estepona on the left completely .

    The program will start in the morning and end early afternoon where we’ll be able to enjoy the sun-drenched Costa del Sol town of Marbella. Weather you would like to go for a walk at the Promenade or a stroll through the Old Town or to play a Padel match at its birth place; join us for this Spanish adventure!

  • The Bio-Emulation approach as written in structural analysis and visual synthesis defined the new bases to consider for replication of natural tooth structures with composite resin. The penta_laminar concept represents the ultimate implementation of this philosophy: analysing different ageing stages to build a dynamic shade concept that adapts to nature. However, feasibility of application of this concept is compromised by it’s intrinsic complexity, not accesible to all clinical conditions.

    By analysing the key factors of natural structure’s ageing process and applying this knowledge to the material selection, it is possible to simplify techniques to make them approachable in all situations. From a bi-laminar technique to the penta_laminar technique we can learn to adapt our work in order to optimise the clinical outcome achieving cost-effective treatments to cover our patients needs and expectations.

Theoretical Program

Mastering Color:

  • Basic color parameters: hue, chroma y value
  • Translucency as value modulator
  • Texture as value modulator
  • Opalescence and fluorescence:myths and legend
  • Bio-Emulation: a new approach to color in dentistry:

    • Optical properties of dental structures
    • 3D anatomy: enamel vs dentin
    • Understanding dental tissues ageing process
    • Photography as shade analysis tool: advanced photo protocol overview
    • The penta_laminar concept: a dynamic layering approach
    • Practical Implementation: is it possible to simplify?
    • Emulating nature with a limited amount of shades. Simplification criteria.
    • Clinical application

Practical Program

  • Demo Class IV restoration with simplified technique (young tooth):
    • Preparation
    • Bonding
    • Layering
    • Finishing and polishing
  • Hands-on by participants
  • Demo Direct Veneer on discolored tooth with simplified technique:
    • Preparation
    • Bonding
    • Layering
    • Finishing and polishing
  • Hands-on by participants

Theoretical Lecture with Bruno

Invited guest Bruno Pereira from Marbella, Spain will join the program and talk about 'Facial Flow the Organic Orofacial Analysis', a concept that introduces a more natural approach to the orofacial analysis, respecting the imperfect and asymmetric nature of the human face.

His lecture will introduce a simple but comprehensive method of facial analysis that will help identify those facial imbalances that can either jeopardize or complement our aesthetic designs. By diagnosing and working with these facial asymmetries, our smile designs can get even closer to a truly seamless integration with each patient's face.

Inschrijven en meer info: https://www.nedwork.org/education-events/networking/emulation-of-nature-with-direct-composites-with-javier-tapia   

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28 september 2023 - neDwork: Emulation of Nature with Direct Composites - Javier Tapia

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