9 & 10 november 2022: Simplified posteriors in challenging cases met Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva

Simplified posteriors in challenging cases

Deep Margin Elevation, adhesion, IDS , contact points and occlusion

12 KRT punten voor Nederlandse tandartsen

Deze cursus is in het Engels.

Trainer: Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva

Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva has a full time dental practice in Riga, Latvia where she uses the techniques that are taught in her continues education seminars on a daily basis to treat her patients. Her private practice focused on quality modern comprehensive care and is specialized in aesthetic adhesive restorative dentistry and fixed prosthodontics. 

Majority of what we do in dentistry are direct posterior restorations. Average longevity of resin bonded posterior restorations is 6 years. Their mechanism of failure is known: microleakage, moisture control, polymerization shrinkage, bonding techniques, voids and bubbles and postoperative sensitivity. How can we create solid foundation which lasts?  Science and clinical knowledge leads to better understanding of adhesive protocols and materials we use in everyday dentistry.  Structurally and aesthetically restored tooth is void free, has no postoperative sensitivity and is protected at its best. This course in details will give a practical tips for all aspects of direct composite resin restorations, including: how to achieve maximum bond strength, how to obtain tight marginal seal, how to maintain pulp vitality and how to reduce and manage polymerization stress.

Posterior composite restorations are dependent not only on adhesives, composites and restorative techniques. Ideal form, marginal adaptation, and proximal contact and contour are all achievable goals if proper accessories are selected.   

Learning objectives:

  • Newer composite technologies, their advantages and mechanical properties 
  • Adhesives-history and where we are now. Overview of adhesives. Bond strength and how the polymerization stress impacts hybrid layer. How to manage polymerization stress and increase bond strength.  
  • Immediate dentin sealing
  • Deep margin elevation with composite
  • How to achieve optimal separation, tight proximal contacts, perfect contour – overview, and tips and tricks of different accessories for various clinical situations
  • How to obtain ideal occlusal form- pizza restorative technique, which helps to generate precise and correct occlusal anatomy.

First Case Kit

Tijdens de cursus krijgt u als kers op de taart een First Case Kit van GC mee naar huis! Hierin vindt u producten ter waarde van € 300* die u bij uw eerste Case kan gebruiken! Een win/win deal dus! (*GC producten, retailprijs).


Opleiding  €399,-* (incl. koffiepauzes en lunches).
Opties: diner: €59,-*, en hotelovernachting €139,-*
* Alle prijzen zijn excl. BTW


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9 & 10 november 2022: Simplified posteriors in challenging cases met Dr. Ieva Jelisejeva

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